3.10.5 - Release Notes#

Squirro 3.10.5 was released on July 4, 2024. It is the latest biweekly release.

Reference: Learn more about the Squirro Release Process.

What’s New#

  • Search > Search Intent: Added a new compute_statistics parameter to the Labels API, allowing specification of which label should be used for Search Intent. If True, the label is included in the lookup index.

  • SquirroGPT: Enabled aggregations on facets (BETA). Example: “What is the average filesize in the index? What are the top 3 languages in the project?” To add the aggregation feature, follow the instructions in the readme.md file in the plugins folder.

  • Widgets: Introduced a new Time Selection Widget in React.

  • Search > Query Processing: Added a baseline SpaCy-based intent detector. It supports automatically drilling down the query by filtering on known facets that match a detected entity and performing date-time filtering based on natural language dates.

  • Search > Semantic Search: Added paragraph-level tagging, allowing keywords to be extended from the paragraph level.


  • Data Loader: Enhanced the Activity data loader plugin to support an Activity file prefix. By default, it only loads activities from files matching the pattern activity.<date>.jsonl. Setting a prefix allows loading files matching the <prefix>activity.<date>.jsonl pattern, useful for selectively loading specific activities from a directory with multiple activity files.

  • SquirroGPT: Included a temporal anchor in the system prompt (UTC now).

  • Studio Plugin: Added health status for the studio service when doing squirro_status.

  • SquirroGPT: Passed the search_mode parameter to the underlying Langchain component.

  • Search > Semantic Search: Migrated query_context to filter_query.

  • UI: Added shortcuts to reference sections on cards. Clicking goes directly to the subsection inside the split view.

  • UI: Improved items widget card sizing in grid layout to fill free space.

  • PDF Conversion: Updated the step to offer options for compressing converted PDF documents containing images, reducing file sizes and ensuring linearization of converted PDFs.

  • UI: Reintroduced document-level label feedback in the new item detail design.

  • UI: Fixed keywords table flickering when loading ChipsWithDropdown.

  • SquirroGPT: Removed citing parent_document_id for inline citations.

  • Search > Query Processing: Added a custom SpacyNormalizer NER rule to create a PRODUCT entity tag based on a NOUN followed by a NUM.

  • Search > Search Intent: Enhanced QueryContext to support providing an IntentLookup within the ParsedQuery (response of query-processing). The backend applies a list of enabled intents as defined by the calling function, which can be modified by the user via the dashboard, allowing intents to be enabled or the application type changed via apply_as: boost / filter.

  • SquirroGPT: Enforced strict contextual following in user prompts instead of system messages.

  • SquirroGPT: Disabled the Wikipedia tool OOB.

Bug Fixes#

  • SquirroGPT: Fixed Squirro GPT to respect the supplied query context.

  • S3 Storage: Corrected S3 storage containers URL generation to point to the correct region specified in the region_name configuration.

  • Tika: Fixed scriplet used when removing Tika.

  • Search > UI: Resolved an issue where a quoted one-word facet value was duplicated after selecting other labels.

  • UI: Ensured dropdowns and some NavBar elements use a lighter primary color.

  • Labels Widget: Fixed the labels widget using the default dashboard query as its own selection.

  • Heatmap Widget: Addressed an issue where the widget did not react to evaluated query changes.

  • Dependencies: Fixed the installation of the camelot-py package and upgraded it to the latest version (0.11.0).

  • Dependencies: Declared missing system package dependencies in the pysaml2 package.

  • Translations: Fixed reference documents of type translations not showing up.

  • SquirroGPT: Re-added client args handling to the Squirro retriever, fixing any ACL SSO issues introduced by the agent rework.

  • Search > Item Detail: Fixed an issue where a highlight query with facet-filtering and no term queries broke. The fix ensures that the highlight query is executed as an optional, correctly parsed query. Providing terms/facet-filters that do not match the requested document within the highlight query returns the document correctly without any highlights, instead of raising a 404.

  • Excel Dataloader: Recovered the capability to upload .xlsx documents using the Excel dataloader plugin.

  • Labels Widget: Fixed an issue where facets selected from the LabelsWidget, with one being a substring of another, couldn’t be removed.

  • Entities Widget: Ensured the widget is hidden if there are no entities and the section is set to be hidden when widgets are empty.

Installation and Upgrade#

For new installations, find step-by-step instructions in Install and Manage Squirro with Ansible (recommended) or Installing Squirro on Linux.

To upgrade an existing installation, see Upgrading Squirro.