Managing Communities

Communities are managed under DATA > Communities. You can add using the plus-icon and edit or delete a community type by clicking the respective button when hovering over it.

Delete a Community Type

Deleting a community also deletes the configured KEE and removes the KEE pipelet from all workflows.

Edit a Community Type

Click the Edit button when hovering over a community type.


Change Mapped Facet

Next to Mapped to facet you see the facet for which the community type is set up. The individual communities you see listed are values of that facet.

Clicking on the pen-icon when hovering over the facet name you can change the facet of the community type.

Add Community

By clicking ADD (next to the search icon) you can add a new community. Specify its name, facet value and image. You can have an image suggested or upload your own.


Import Communities

Click the IMPORT button to create all communities based on the facet values of the selected facet.

Edit or Delete Individual Community

Click EDIT when hovering over an individual community. You can change the name, facet value and image of the community.

Click DELETE to remove the community.


Communities and KEE of Community Type are automatically synchronized and updated to reflect changes in the underlying facet for which the communities are set.


The communities are synchronized with the selected facet every 30 minutes. The synchronization is managed in the topic.ini file:

enable_auto_sync = True
scheduling_frequency = */30 * * * *

Community Type KEE

Any KEE created during the setup of a community (Community Type KEE) is updated every 300 seconds. The frequency is controlled by the frontend.communities.kee-refresh-interval in the configuration service.