Squirro Profiles

A successful Insight Engine project requires close collaboration from different user profiles.

At the center of such a project is the Squirro Project Creator. They will work closely with End Users to understand the expectations and then collaborate with Model Creators and Data Scientists to train the required machine learning models.


While the documentation is split by these profiles, one person can of course embody multiple roles in a project.

Python Engineers and Frontend Developers can assist the Project Creator to extend the product with different plugins. Finally, the System Administrator will ensure that the system is deployed and running smoothly.

The documentation can be navigated according to these profiles.

These profiles are:

  • Project Creator: the primary creator of the user experience for end users. Usually a technical consultant or similar.

  • Model Creator: a non-technical subject-matter expert or a Citizen Data Scientist who uses Squirro’s no-code AI capabilities to train machine learning models.

  • Data Scientist: software engineers who focus on creating machine learning models and work with Natural Language Processing (NLP). They can extend Squirro’s capabilities by adding new models.

  • Python Engineer: software engineers skilled in the Python programming language. They can extend Squirro’s back-end capabilities with various extension points.

  • Frontend Developer: software engineers specialized in JavaScript and adjacent technologies. They can extend Squirro’s front-end capabilities, especially by extending the dashboards.

  • System Administrator: usually skilled in working with Linux. They set up, maintain, operate, and scale the Squirro servers.