Communities Widget#

The Communities widget presents a list of communities to the user. It can do this in two different modes:

  • Show all communities: this is good for a selection screen where the user is asked to subscribe to communities to get access to a personalized home page.

  • Show relevant: this works great on search results pages (such as the Global Search Dashboard) and shows the communities most present in the current result set.

All Communities#

This mode is intended to allow users to follow many communities at once.

A common scenario is to use this on a home page dashboard where it can be shown based on a dashboard layer visibility condition (communities are not subscribed). In this scenario, it is best to use the Allow bulk selection widget option to avoid the layer disappearing when the first selection has been made.


Tip: With the widget header displayed, there is also a community search available that is useful for a user’s initial subscription setup.

Relevant Communities#

On search result pages, the relevant communities mode shows communities linked to the current search result.

This is an intuitive way for users to discover communities related to their work.