Squirro Self-Service Instances#

Squirro provides a single tenant setup for cloud-hosted instances.

Why a Single Instance#

A single instance (or tenant) is a single instance of Squirro serving a single customer. With single tenancy, each customer has their own setup.

Each trial instance is limited to 10 authorized users and a fair usage policy.

Production instances vary in size. Contact sales for details.

Benefits of Single-Tenant Instances#

  • Security: A single customer and a single server is often contained on secure hardware being used by a limited number of people.

  • Dependability: With an entire environment dedicated to one client, resources are abundant and available anytime.

  • Customization: Control over the entire environment allows for customization and added functionality, if desired.

Instance Parameters#

Trial Sizing & Fair Usage

Each instance provides 100 GB space out of the box. For each licensed user Squirro provides an allowance of 10GB index size and 100GB up/download per month.

Full Rollout Sizing & Usage

Variable sizing available. Contact sales for details.


Squirro Trial instances are hosted in the E.U. For full production rollouts both cloud deployments and on-premise deployments are possible. Contact sales for details.

Legal Squirro is subject to data security laws & regulation - See here for the fine print.