Release Notes#

The current long-term support (LTS) release is Squirro 3.7.6 LTS

Reference: See the 3.7.6 LTS - Release Notes.

The current biweekly release is Squirro 3.8.0

Reference: See the 3.8.0 - Release Notes.


For information on how the Squirro release process works, see Squirro Release Process.


This page documents releases to the package mirror and production platform on Squirro Self-Service.

Reference: For Squirro installation instructions, see Installing Squirro Using Ansible.

Reference: For Squirro managed hosting, see Squirro Self-Service.

Older Releases#

See the following links for older Squirro releases:


The external wiki containing older release notes is not actively maintained and may contain broken or outdated links.