Release Notes#

Squirro provides two types of releases: long-term stable (LTS) releases and biweekly releases. To learn more about the release process, see Squirro Release Process.

Production Environments

For production environments, Squirro recommends using the latest LTS release (Squirro 3.9.7 LTS), which is supported for two years from release.

Reference: See the 3.9.7 LTS Release Notes.

Development Environments

For development environments, and to access beta features, Squirro recommends using the latest biweekly release, which is currently Squirro 3.10.1.

Reference: See the 3.10.1 - Release Notes.

SquirroGPT Highlights

Looking for SquirroGPT-specific updates on the latest and greatest generative AI offerings? See the SquirroGPT Release Highlights.


This page documents releases to the package mirror and production platform on Squirro Self-Service.

Reference: For Squirro installation instructions, see Install and Manage Squirro with Ansible.

Reference: For Squirro managed hosting, see Squirro Self-Service.

Older Releases#

See the following links for older Squirro releases:


The external wiki containing older release notes is not actively maintained and may contain broken or outdated links.