3.6.4 - Release Notes#


  • [Pipeline Editor] Warning messages inform the user when steps in a Section might be missing or when steps in a Pipeline Workflow might be missing information.

  • [Pipeline Editor] Configuration options marked as passwords are no longer shown in plaintext on the UI.

  • [Search] libNLP: Added LemmaExpander step that keeps track of the lemmatized version of relevant query terms.

  • [UI] Allow left alignment of the compact global search.

  • [libNLP] Added support for marking NLP step parameters as deprecated.

  • [libNLP] Added support for multiline parameters in the NLP steps.

  • [Search] Autocomplete first suggested facet name in the global search after hitting Tab.

  • Implement React testing.

  • Added new default templates for React widgets.

  • Tabs widget can now be used in custom widgets.

  • Changed ML template classifier labels from a text input to select.

  • [Activity Tracking] Expose configuration on the Activity Tracking pipelet to dynamically enrich activity logs with specified User Data. (Information is then stored in Labels within Monitoring Project.)

  • [Platform] Support retrieval of facets from ES index mapping for Squirro projects that are backed by multiple indices (e.g., the Squirro Monitoring project, which currently uses three index_names in its locator). Entries of index_names can be actual ES indices or ES aliases.

  • Added new component preview storybook add-on.

  • Added document inline search queries to typeahead history.

  • Responsive design for reference view.

  • [Search] Increase recall by performing (additional) language-specific, lemmatized search. This requires an active Query Processing Workflow that uses the Step LemmaExpander.

  • Items Widget will show item read time for last read items instead of item created time.

  • Clear query search after pressing ENTER in empty global search bar.

  • Any new Squirro Monitoring projects will now include a Data Ingestion dashboard. This new dashboard, in its current basic form, can be used to examine if a step failed during the execution of a pipeline.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix pipeline model sorting (“Blue box” when reordering ML steps).

  • Ensure nav bar color on widget edit buttons.

  • Fix a bug where advanced search icon was not displayed.

  • Enable query matching for the item detail reference screen.

  • Fixup JSON serizalization.

  • Fix database migration compatibility with PostgreSQL.

  • Fix date range not being applied to typeahead.

  • Add missing shadow to the dashboard space navbar.

  • Cards Widget: Starring an item within the item detail should update its card in the list.

  • Fix extra query request with previous search.

  • Fixed issues with item detail loading inside items widget.

  • Display the query in the global search input when clicking on favorite filters.

  • Right align the toolbars on reference screen item detail.

  • Fix json encoding problems due to default latin1 encoding.

  • Fix search query reset from Reset Filters widget and dashboard search.

  • Relax admin requirement on dashboard promotion, to dashboard create access.

  • [Widgets] In rare cases, Facets List doesnt update after selection removal.

  • Fix time.time_struct serialization - this fixes RSS feed parsing.

  • Fix styling issues with select multiple. Fix default values not loading for some ML templates.

  • Validate uploaded profile pictures to prevent potential malicious actions. Only JPEG and PNG image types are allowed.

  • Newly subscribed communities are missing type id and totals.

  • Fix highlights not passed down for cards and results widget in a sidepanel.

  • Upgraded Moment.js to the latest version because of known security issues.

  • Fix facet value auto-suggestion not being applied to the global search after click.

  • Fix preserving items order using the scan method in the Squirro Client.

  • Fix item detail visualisation options across widgets - remove modal and do not open options

  • Fix issues with query highlights in PDF.

  • Fix scritplet in wheel rpm package causing unary errors.

  • Fix spellcheck query replacement in search bar.

Installation and Upgrade#

You will have to resolve at least the following config files when upgrading from Squirro 3.3.0

  • /etc/nginx/conf.d/ssl.inc

  • /etc/squirro/common.ini

For new installations, please follow the Installing Squirro on Linux instructions.

To upgrade an existing installation, please consult Upgrading Squirro.