3.8.1 - Release Notes#

Squirro 3.8.1 was released June 22 2023.

What’s New#

  • Configuration settings can now be edited using intuitive forms, instead of plain JSON text. This currently works for topic.typeahead.content.configuration.

JSON Forms config ediotr
  • Added Scoring Profiles: Boost, allowing you to boost documents that belong to the user’s subscribed communities. The plugin is usable within the query syntax via profile:{plugin:subscribed_communities}. Boosting was previously known as rank_by.

  • A new Scoring Profile Plugin was created to recommend items based on users’ past searches. Use the profile within a query like profile:{ plugin:recommend_on_searches $last_searches:5 }; This will return concept search results on the last five unique user queries. Related matching terms used for the recommendations are marked in bold and red.

  • Added additional logic to accommodate query-based bulk labeling.

  • Added feedback to the Communities List widget.

  • Included XlsxWriter as an optional package on our mirror.

  • Global Search and Community 360 dashboards are no longer loaded on top of other dashboards.

  • There is a new integration endpoint for query-based bulk labeling.

  • Added GlobalSearch query to EntitiesListWidget query.

  • Now users can use searchbar.empty and searchbar.value in dashboard query templates.

  • Implemented document-level Bulk Labeling.

  • The Items Table widget was migrated to React.


  • Updated default colors and themes based on the latest Cognitive Search design.

  • Upgraded Elasticsearch to version 8.8.1.

  • Now Squirro supports quotes in queries/candidate sets in AI Studio.

  • Improved the collaboration between the Items widget and the Explore screen resulting in a smoother user experience.

  • Added an integration test for the synchronous batch processing feature.

  • Enriched session with query-context metadata like user terms and filters, detected query language, noun chunks, and named entities.

  • Activity Insights now has higher scheduling frequency and separate backoff time for long-lived sessions with 15min (dashboard & browsing session) and short-lived query session (3 minutes).

  • Added validation to the configuration service. Now, dictionary settings defined in the configuration service may include a schema definition that is then used for validation, e.g. provided text instead of number, value not within specified range etc.

  • Upgraded Filebeat to version 8.8.1.

  • Improved the reliability of PDF conversions when multiple conversions take place in parallel.

  • The default pipeline workflows for Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive connectors now include the pdf-conversion and webshot steps. This means that MS Office documents found in these services will be converted to PDFs and a thumbnail will be created for them.

  • Updated the Squirro logo used by a few plugins to be consistent in size with the icons of the other plugins.

  • Simplified usage of scoring profiles. Plugins can now be more easily used and configured directly by their name as profile:{ last_read count:10 } (This example boosts the last 10 read items).

  • Limited the number of max_features used on SKLearn transformer to avoid too much memory consumption when a dataset is too large.

  • Returned scoring profile items are now tagged with associated/relevant scoring-profiles (= profiles that matched on the item and boosted its relevancy score). See item.matched_profiles.

  • Added template types.

Bug Fixes#

  • The For You dashboard will no longer be loaded in the background when opening Community 360 dashboard directly with URL, improving performance.

  • Fixed lengthy restart times for the pdfconversion service on instances with a large number of PDFs in the pdf_conversion bucket and/or using slow storage systems.

  • Fixed User Preferences widget typeahead suggestions.

  • Fixed an issue with the Metric widget infinite loading on monitoring projects.

  • Fixed an issue with clearing global search navigating the user away from the search result page.

  • Fixed an issue with the Delete button showing in the Notes dialog when creating a note.

  • Fixed an issue with the Reference button not working inside of the Community Items widget.

  • Fixed synchronous batch processing issues that were created in the previous release.

  • SELinux policy for Redis is now available for all the supported distributions (Rocky Linux support was missing, now it is available on RHEL/CentOS 7 and RHEL/Rocky 8).

  • Fixed matching of provided steps with existing workflows. A delay observed when creating a new 1-click connector data source should not occur anymore.

  • General fixes and improvements to the Table Extraction pdf feature.

  • Fixed item detail scroll not working when a user clicks on the query that is active already.

  • Fixed an issue with a statement in machinelearning service migration where ground_truth_version was being set to None instead of null and didn’t let the service start.

  • Fixed an issue with Community Banner not updating after the user navigates to another community dashboard.

  • Fixed search highlights sometimes showing in italic font.

  • Fixed an issue where navigating to a Community 360 page won’t show the Explore dashboard for a brief time.

  • Fixed an issue with newly-created projects not forming well without a hard page reload.

Breaking Changes#

There are no known breaking changes with Squirro 3.8.1.

Installation and Upgrade#

You will have to resolve at least the following config files when upgrading from Squirro 3.3.0:

  • /etc/nginx/conf.d/ssl.inc

  • /etc/squirro/common.ini

For new installations, please follow the Installing Squirro on Linux instructions.

To upgrade an existing installation, please consult Upgrading Squirro.