System Administrator/DevOps Engineer#

Profile: System Administrator

Squirro offers its products as SaaS` solutions, though Squirro products can also be set up on-premises or in private clouds.

For on-premise or private deployments, a client System Administrator is required for initial setup and the ongoing handling of software upgrades.

Depending on the work being performed, the System Administrator may also be referred to as a DevOps Engineer.

Installation and Upgrade#

The System Administrator or DevOps Engineer will typically work with Squirro Solutions Engineers to install and upgrade the Squirro Platform.

Most commonly, on-premise and private cloud setups are installed using Ansible. To learn more, see Install and Manage Squirro with Ansible.

For information on how to manually install Squirro on Linux machines, see Installing Squirro on Linux.

Reference: For all other installation and upgrade information, see Installation and Upgrade.


The System Administrator or DevOps Engineer is typically also the person responsible for configuration, authentication, operations and administrative troubleshooting.

They ensure that the Squirro Platform is running smoothly and that any issues are resolved quickly, set up new users, configure permissions, and configure the system to meet the needs of the business and optimize resources.

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