3.8.7 LTS Release Notes#

Squirro 3.8.7 LTS was released November 03, 2023. It is the most recent long-term stable release.

Reference: Learn more about the Squirro Release Process.


This release is a patch of the primary 3.8.6 LTS. For information on all the major changes and improvements in the latest LTS release, see 3.8.6 LTS Release Notes.

Patch Notes#

Squirro 3.8.7 is a patch of the primary 3.8.6 LTS Release and includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with Items widget cards not having the same height in horizontal mode.

  • Fixed an issue with the Proximity Template not showing for sentence-level ground truths after new AI Studio frontend updates.

  • Fixed an issue with parameters not being passed properly to the Proximity Template when the number of labels was greater than two in AI Studio.

  • Fixed an issue with PDF documents flickering when the reference screen and side panel are open simultaneously.

  • Fixed an issue with some dashboards not loading correctly.

Installation and Upgrade#

For new installations, find step-by-step instructions in Install and Manage Squirro with Ansible (recommended) or Installing Squirro on Linux.

To upgrade an existing installation, see Upgrading Squirro.