3.10.1 - Release Notes#

Squirro 3.10.1 was released April 4, 2024.

Reference: Learn more about the Squirro Release Process.

What’s New#

  • Add a new special chip for the favorite filter in GlobalSearch that allows editing the chip and expanding the saved query.

  • Pipeline steps executed in batch execution mode now feature a timeout configuration option. It enforces a limit (in seconds) after which a timeout error is raised if the step takes more than that to process a received batch of items. This helps in unblocking the ingester processor that picked up this batch.


  • Create RPM packages for nlp services required by semantic search projects. This allows to run nlp services on the Squirro node server for fast semantic search PoCs.

  • The configuration options for the rerun_from_index queue were split from the queues_local section into their own section called queues_rerun_from_index.

  • Add support for all tab tooltip in the tabs widget.

  • Added query_context parameter to the /starter-questions endpoint of the GenAI Studio plugin, which allows filtering/limiting the set of Squirro Items used to generate the questions.

  • Search: Improve editable chip targetability.

  • Search on flat items: Answer is initially highlighted and scrolled to when user opens item detail.

  • Search on flat items: Answer match in item detail sidebar is marked as answer in title.

  • The squirro_lxml_html_extractor option in the common.ini has no effect anymore and it has been removed from the packaged common.ini file. The lxml parser is now used by default.

  • Added context length to sqgpt configuration. Users can now manually set the context length that will be sent to an LLM. This will overwrite the context length estimation and may lead to issues if set wrong.

  • Re-enable project translations for widget title in React widgets.

  • The ingester service can now be configured without any processors and solely serve its web API. Previously, it would exit immediately with a vague message when no processors were configured.

  • In addition to the timeout option, the Text Chunking step now exposes an option to specify the max item body size. This prevents the step from processing items with a very large body.

  • Remove the ingester.priorities.enabled server configuration option and make it the only way of operation for ingester. The number of processors for each priority can still be adjusted by the ingester.priorities.pool-*-processors server configuration options.

  • The configuration option processors in the ingester.ini file is now deprecated and it will be removed in an upcoming release. You can safely remove it from your /etc/squirro/ingester.ini file.

  • Added automatic context length determination to summarization endpoint.

  • Enable query auto submit after chips deletion for global search and search widget.

  • Multiple improvements to the Tabs widget.

  • An active dashboard store will not be cleared when the global search is cleared.

  • GenAI Squirro Retriever will now only use query_context to run queries. This deprecates the usage of the query param. This improvement will result in better copilot results.

  • Improved Context length guessing by adding the newest gpt 4 models and updating legacy models.

  • Add item title typeahead suggestions which will open ItemDetail with the item directly from global search.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix dashboard not reacting to in-page search change if parse request fails.

  • Handling of empty query_context values: genai will now handle empty values for query context the same as None, this is a workaround for an issue where specifying empty values will return unexpected results.

  • Fixed the issue where an item had an answer to the query, and inside the item detail of HTML the item highlight matches have been shifted by 1.

  • [Search] Scoring profile prefix_match was failing on queries that contained only numeric tokens.

  • Fixed issue where rerun from index tasks, exceeding the configured redis_visibility_timeout_secs value, became available for execution again, resulting in duplicated rerun batches.

  • Fixed communityWizard value not being properly updated when modifying/creating a dashboard.

  • Fix issue that was preventing the instantiation of a content streamer by an ingester processor.

  • Set default top_p to 1.0 in SquirroGPT config schema to support Mistral on Anyscale.

  • [GenAI Studio Plugin] Fix max_num_words not being a cast to int. Fix context_length == -1 not getting resolved to default value.

  • Fix favorite filter’s query that couldn’t be edited.

Installation and Upgrade#

For new installations, find step-by-step instructions in Install and Manage Squirro with Ansible (recommended) or Installing Squirro on Linux.

To upgrade an existing installation, see Upgrading Squirro.