This page discusses both out-of-the-box and custom widgets used to visualize information in Squirro dashboards.

This includes React Custom Widgets and Backbone Custom Widgets


Widgets are an important part of Squirro Dashboards, which represent the primary user interfaces for end users. Squirro includes many widgets out-of-the-box, though you can also create your own custom widgets.

Historically, custom widgets were developed using Backbone.js. As of late 2021, Squirro also supports React custom widgets.

Out-of-the-Box Widgets#

Widgets are powerful tools for visualizing project data and customizing the end user experience.

By default, the Squirro platform includes the following types of dashboard widgets:

  • Item widgets such as cards, item detail, and cards.

  • Navigation widgets such as tabs, breadcrumbs, and actions.

  • Filtering widgets such as search bar, time selection, and favorites.

  • Comparison widgets such as pie chart, word cloud, and heat map.

  • Geographic, special, and other widget categories.

For more information on out-of-the-box Squirro widgets, see the Widgets wiki page.

Custom Widgets#

Squirro’s user interface was traditionally developed using the Backbone.js framework.

As of Release 3.3 (September 2021), Squirro has began migrating to a React stack, impacting how custom widgets are developed and extended.

To learn more about creating custom React widgets, see React Custom Widgets.

To learn more about creating custom Backbone widgets, see Backbone Custom Widgets.