Enable Proxy Server for Outgoing Calls#

Some Squirro Services need to access the Internet.

For example, the sqdatasourced service may need to access an internet data source to load data.

To set up a proxy, you can edit /etc/squirro/common.ini and add the proxy configuration as follows:

proxy = http://proxy.mycorp.com:8080
no_proxy =,localhost,,localhost:81

This particular configuration will enable the indicated proxy for all requests, except any requests to the listed exceptions (localhost nodes in this case).

Reference: Learn more about common.ini.


All services will need to be restarted after any change of this configuration. You can use the squirro_restart command to restart the Squirro services.





Proxy used for HTTP and HTTPS requests.


Proxy used for HTTP requests. Only used if proxy is not specified.


Proxy used for HTTPS requests. Only used if proxy is not specified.


Comma-separated list of hostname suffixed for which the proxy should not be consulted. This will usually contain data-centre domain names for which the proxy is either not needed or even a hinderance.