3.5.8 LTS - Cognitive Search Improvements#


With the Squirro 3.5.8 LTS release the Cognitive Search app got a complete overhaul. Please see this gallery for a few impressions of the new design and functionality.

The individual screenshots show some of the new features. For full explanation on those features, please refer to the 3.5.8 LTS Release Notes.

Home Page with Varied Information#

The Home Page, also known as the For You dashboard shows a variety of interesting content for the end-user. The Overview tab is an information buffet where users can choose to access their saved information. They can see their favorite filters, their starred documents, or relevant content like: top highlights.

To deep-dive into a single type of content, the various View All links, on the right-hand side of the Home Page provides easy access to the respective tabs.


Communities 360 Dashboard#

The Community 360 Dashboard is the materialization of the concept to have a single destination for a community detail view regardless of the path taken.

These dashboards can present a lot of community-specific information at once.