How-To Guides#

This page provides links to how-to guides associated with the user interface.

Generative AI Quickstart Guide#

The Generative AI Quickstart Guide is a step-by-step guide to creating a Generative AI project in Squirro.

Reference: See the SquirroGPT Quick-Start Guide.

Registering for a Squirro ID#

When you first visit you’ll need to register for your own secure Squirro ID.

To do so, follow the instructions in How to Register for a Squirro ID.

Installing an Application#

To install a Squirro Application in an instance after you have created a Squirro ID and are logged in, see How to Install A Squirro Application.

Opening a Demo#

To open a Squirro project demo once you’ve created a Squirro ID and are logged into Squirro, see How to Access a Squirro Online Demo.