Webz.io Connector#

Webz.io is a News API delivering up-to-the-minute news coverage from articles, blog posts, and online discussions.

The Squirro Data Loader plugin enables you to run multiple complex queries against the Webhose API and pull data into Squirro easily.

Webhose Documentation#

See https://docs.webhose.io for details on the query syntax.

You can test run queries here: https://webhose.io/web-content-api

Sign up for a free test account here: https://webhose.io/auth/signup

Quick Start#

  1. Go to Webhose.io https://webhose.io/ and create your account.

  2. Copy the Webhose token.

#. In the Squirro UI, you can configure the Webhose connector under the Data tab, in the Premium Data section. .. inline_note:: You can either just enter a list of Topics you want to get news about, or enter a more complex query in the “Advanced Options” section

Main Features#

  • Run multiple queries into a single Squirro Source.

  • Content filters (E.g. Find news articles that contain the phrase “Data Security” or “Cloud”, and not “Apple”).

  • Site specific filters (E.g. Find posts mentioning the phrase “United States” in either Yahoo, CNN or Baidu.com).


  • Responses return items from the last 3 days by default. You can specify this value for up to 30 days.

  • Be sure to use site_type: filter for either news, discussions or blogs to avoid unwanted responses.