3.6.6 - Release Notes#

What’s New#

Squirro Monitoring can now be selected from the Application Setup screen.


Highlights of Squirro Monitoring features and improvements include:

  • An out of the box Activity Tracking dashboard with a plethora of statistics to gain visibility into users’ activity.


  • Added user activity logs for Question Answering (QA) and SimilarSearches widgets.

  • Exposed configuration options in the Activity Tracking step to dynamically enrich activity logs with specified User Data. Information is then stored in labels within the Monitoring Project.

  • An updated Data ingestion Logs dashboard with:

    • Display names for facets, and a few new facets: Step Name, Step Execution Mode, Successful Items, and Errored Items.

    • Step Duration is now displayed in milliseconds.

    • Two metrics widgets for number of logs and number of errors.

    • Start and finish messages of pipeline steps are now more descriptive.

    • When an error occurs from a built-in step executed in the ingester service, a stack trace is included in the body.



  • Added logic to augment community data using external sources.

  • Now a loading bar is shown during the collection fetch of React widgets.

  • Added pagination to community subscriptions.

  • Aggregations communities collection factory is now exposed for custom widgets API.

  • Added visibility conditions to the Global Search state (NLP Search / is empty / is not empty).

  • Changed the Lets Go button in the Communities Widget to show on left.

  • Now the filesystem_plugin has better MIME type detection and will include the body field for text documents.

  • Set up proper project type for automatically created monitoring projects via the newly exposed project type parameter in the topic API.

  • Enhanced context search across all dashboards.

  • The CommunitiesList widget was migrated to React from Backbone.js.

  • Improvements to the Items detail SidePanel hide and show logic.

  • New React Custom Widget documentation added to the Squirro Docs site.

  • Added searchable and visible properties when creating and modifying dashboards.

  • Improved React widgets performance and optimized collection fetching.

  • Now ES_TMPDIR allows you specify the default temp directory within the Elasticsearch config file.

  • Rewrote the SaveQuery and Share dialogs to React.

  • Rewrote the Actions widget to React.

  • Within document level feedback, icons are now restored on document keywords instead of highlights.

  • Added ‘More button dropdown’ mode to Actions widget.

  • The active dashboard query in Global Search is now included in typeahead.

  • Added ‘Share’ and ‘Save to Excel’ options to Actions widget.

  • Added search documentation for content-based typeahead configuration.

  • Multi-word-matching in search: exposed shortcut project-configuration.

  • Popular Query Typeahead: Enabled config to match on user’s dashboard filter, or match on all popular queries without using the provided filter_query.

  • Introduced an optional synonym-health-check within search that fixes projects with an invalid synonym configuration. The check is enabled per default and runs on topic-service start time. (It closes and re-opens an affected project’s Elasticsearch indices to apply setting changes). The check can get disabled via the server-configuration topic.search.run-synonym-health-check.

  • Now, font file icons are used instead of importing them. This decreases the build size.

  • Now, the button for the Excel Export action in ActionsWidget is disabled when there are no items to export.

  • Added pagination to the Following list of communities.

  • Security: updated packaged cryptography pkg (fixes CVE-2022-3602 and CVE-2022-3786).

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed a bottom padding issue for the Items widget.

  • Fixed functionality issues with the carousel layer mode.

  • Fixed an issue with tags not displaying in the Items widget cards.

  • Changed default from none to a specified config value for fetching community subscriptions from the topicproxy service.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Item detail SidePanel from showing when entities are disabled.

  • Fixed a typo in the overridden post method that led to a 404 error in the Figma data loader plugin.

  • Fixed a display issues with chips. The text in the chips is now ellipsed when it is too long, the chip height is set to 24px, and the chips are left-aligned to the Filters header text.

  • Failing individual import steps no longer cause the import process to break.

  • Fixed an issue with the arrow breaking in horizontal mode in global search.

  • Now labels placeholder in an item’s details are hidden when there are no labels to display.

  • Added additional logic to the import dashboard role for community 360 from project templates.

  • Fixed validation error messaging for pipeline workflows with duplicated ML models.

  • Fixed an issue with importing projects from the Create Project dialog box where the imported project also had a project description.

  • Fixed an issue with match-any-word order in the AI Studio Ground Truth view.

  • Now communities_count and communities_item_count for newsletter use the same default config as specified under the newsletter section.

  • Fixed an issue with fingerprint service folder permissions.

  • Stabilization: Don’t break project reset when incorrect Synonym config is around (DB not in sync with Index).

  • SpacyNormalizer: Disabled wrong cache handling (pickling) of SpaCy documents, improving speed.

  • Enabled View All button for horizontal mode for the following widgets: Items, Community List, Community Item, and Favorite Filters.

  • Lemmatised search works now correctly together with part-of-speech based term boosting.

  • Fixed squirro-cluster-node installation erroring out on secure.sh script.

  • Now facets suggestion aren’t shown if the facet is not compatible with typeahead.

  • Removed the styling coming from item detail placeholder and removed the unnecessary boxShadow which does not exist in design.

  • Fixed a global search issue where in-page search detection stops working after switching spaces.

  • Fixed an issue with the dashboard More button jumping on loading and mispositioning.

  • Fixed deserialization of automatically serialized datetime objects in items from data loaders.

  • Fixed issues with Items widget border stying in vertical list mode.

  • Disabled concept search if global search is not enabled for a project.

  • Removeed the View All button from the widget header of certain widgets. If you can’t define the behavior of the button in the widget properties, then the value of showViewAll is undefined. When this is the case, the button is now not shown anymore.

  • Fixed a left alignment issue of widgets inside layers in accordion mode and modified the padding for the collapsible-body class.

  • Fixed a minor issue with the predQueryWidget.less widget to make it consistent with other widgets.

  • Fixed bug with tables not updating after a Synonym deletion.

  • Fixed styling of carousel mode layers and the carousel top bar.

  • Enabled the pipeline step rerun to work with all queries.

  • Fixed Items widget side panel styling issues.

  • Adjusted Horizontal Tabs styles.

  • Fixed Groups not re-rendering on user addition.

  • Rework pinned scrolling on dashboard right panel.

  • [Search] Query Endpoint (Items Widget): Use the mapped (possible custom) summary to create the item-preview again (in case that no highlighted matches are present).

  • Timeline selection filter not aligned in Reset Filters widget. Add time-selection class to timeline selection filter element and add rule for padding to widget.less.

  • Fixed an issue with Community List horizontal scroll.

  • Added newsletter config to digestmailer.

  • Fixed sizing of the compact searchbar and aligned tabs to the right.

  • Now, the query-processing workflow doesn’t perform part-of-speech (POS) based query transformation if the query is too short.

  • Introduced new settings in the POSBooster step min_query_length.

  • Fixed a bug that caused endless item to fetch inside the focus view in AI Studio labeling.

  • Fixed an issue with the Communities List not showing followed Communities.

  • Fixed an issue with React widgets not re-fetching data after a dashboard layer visibility change.

  • Fixed item detail highlights not showing for non-pdf items in React.

  • Reflect following state on community banner widget after interacting.

  • Fixed widget header styling with disable card styling mode enabled within the ItemsWidget.

  • Fixed an issue with blank modals when title is undefined.

  • Fixed an issue with the spacing between dashboard tab columns and column headers being wrong in the Visualize Tab.

  • Fixed Squirro system services not being enabled after install.

  • Fixed date format in the Learn More link and replaced --brand-color with --highlight-color.

  • Fixed the margin and height of global search chips.

  • Fixed an issue with explain icon (light bulb) not showing in the item detail view of the Items widget.

Breaking Changes#

  • Implemented pagination to the community subscription endpoint. The default API call will no longer return all subscribed communities.

  • Upgraded squirro-platform to work with Elasticsearch 7.17.6. This requires an Elasticsearch upgrade. This is covered below in the upgrade instructions.

  • Removed the gdfs_plugin package as it is no longer used.

  • [Search] More precise default search settings for keyword queries topic.search.query-strategy#term_sequence. For a query with up to 3 tokens all terms have to match in a document, for longer queries only 75% have to match. Note: Default setting changes are not automatically applied on your project configuration in case the setting was already changed before manually (customized settings overrule default settings).

  • [Search] Document embedding used in similar searches widget is now disabled by default. To enable document embedding, check the topic.search.document-embedder-queries-workflow-enabled option in the project configuration.

  • [Search] Query processing is now disabled per default. To enable query processing, check the topic.search.query-workflow-enabled option in the project configuration. (Query processing is required for the following features: language specific spell-checking; lemmatised search; question answering; removal of non relevant query terms).

  • [Search] Multi-word-matching: Changed default scoring mode to more robust cross-fields.

  • Add ES_TMPDIR to the ES config file.

Installation and Upgrade#

You will have to resolve at least the following config files when upgrading from Squirro 3.3.0

  • /etc/nginx/conf.d/ssl.inc

  • /etc/squirro/common.ini

For new installations, please follow the Installing Squirro on Linux instructions.

To upgrade an existing installation, please consult Upgrading Squirro.