Machine Learning#

This page contains information about machine learning (ML) services offered by Squirro.

AI Studio#

AI Studio simplifies and standardizes Squirro text classification projects.

See AI Studio for a detailed walkthrough on using the platform.

Squirro also offers a No Code AI Model Creator certification course through the Squirro Academy.


Model-as-a-Service (MaaS) allows Squirro customers to import custom ML models and speed up the prototyping phase for ML projects in Squirro.

See Model-as-a-Service (MaaS) for more information.

Machine Learning Service#

The machine learning service allows users to build machine learning models to:

  • classify incoming items (a.k.a classification)

  • score items based on relevance (a.k.a regression)

  • cluster items together (a.k.a. topic modeling)

  • extract important people, organizations, places, and phrases (a.k.a. named entity recognition)

To learn more, see Machine Learning Service.

Significant Terms Extraction#

For information about significant term extraction using TermsExtractionEmbedder, see Significant Terms Extraction in Squirro.

How To Publish ML Models Using the Squirro Client#

For information about how to publish ML models using the Squirro client, see How To Publish ML Models Using the Squirro Client.