Dashboard Permissions#

In addition to regular Squirro Roles & Permissions, project admins can restrict dashboards to specific users or groups.

Unrestricted Dashboards#

For unrestricted dashboards, a user’s project role controls whether they can view or edit.

The following is a list of project roles and their permissions:


  • Project admins: view and edit

  • Project members: view and edit

  • Project readers: view

Restricted Dashboards#

Project administrators can restrict certain dashboards from being edited by project members or readers that they would otherwise have access to.

The following permissions can be set:

  • View only

  • View and edit


How to Restrict Dashboards#

Follow the steps below to restrict a dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Setup → Visualize.

  2. Click the lock icon next to the dashboard you wish to restrict.

  3. Click the toggle Dashboard Permissions at the top of the page.

  4. Review the list of all project admin users and groups.

  5. If you wish to add other non-admin users/groups, start by typing its name in the box near the top of the list.

  6. Click Save when finished.

Frequently Asked Questions#

Who can restrict dashboards?

Only project admins can restrict dashboards.

Which people can I add as part of dashboard permissions?

Only project members. If you want to add a user who is not yet a member of the current project, you first need to add them to the project.

What happens when I restrict the dashboard but don’t add any additional users?

  • Only admin users can view (and edit) the restricted dashboard.

  • Project members and readers have neither view nor edit access.

What happens when a person is added to a project after a dashboard has been restricted?

  • Nothing happens if the new person is a reader or member.

  • If it’s an admin user, he is added to all the restricted dashboards on that project

What happens when you upgrade the membership of a user in a project after they’ve been explicitly added to the dashboard permissions?

The permission falls back to the default permission (as if the dashboard was unrestricted, see the list above).

Example: Downgrading an admin user (view&edit) to member user (view&edit) doesn’t change anything.

Example: Upgrading a reader (view only) to an admin (view&edit) will cause an upgrade in permissions.


For detailed explanations of different server and project-level roles, see Squirro Roles & Permissions.