ML Workflows#

Machine Learning Workflows is used to manage the machine learning workflows in a project.


In the Project Settings tab, select ML Workflows.

This will list all the Machine Learning Workflows configured for this project as shown below:


From this page, each individual Machine Learning workflow can either be edited or deleted.

Tip: New Machine Learning workflows can also be created by clicking on the plus button in the top-right corner.


The plugin supports a basic interface for editing and creating Machine Learning workflows and hence the full workflow config has to be inserted in one single JSON box as shown below.


When setting up a new machine learning workflow, the training and the inference jobs for running that workflow on the data in your project can also optionally be set up by clicking on the check-boxes for setting up these jobs.

Caution: Setting up of jobs is only possible from the machine learning workflow page and NOT from the edit machine learning workflow page. Use the ML jobs plugin to manage more jobs for an existing machine learning workflow.