Layout Master Dashboard#

The Master dashboards inside Squirro have a centralized place for storing master layouts, including section sizing.

The best way to understand the Master dashboard is to think of it as a template for all other dashboards. It is a dashboard that is not visible to the user, but is used to control the layout of other dashboards when those dashboards are synced.

Important: The Master dashboard will not be visible under the dashboard space.

Layout Master Overview#

The Layout Master dashboard is the central place for controlling things like tabs alignment to the center section.

It can be used to create a uniform layout for all dashboards and also to have a consistent header, footer, theme, etc. It has its own configuration options which are different from a normal dashboard.


Every project gets a master dashboard by default, which cannot be deleted or transferred to another dashboard.


Each dasboard has a Sync button in its Dashboard Editor that will sync the dashboard with the master dashboard.

Individual dashboards can choose to sync to master.

Important: It is not compulsory to sync dashboards and new dashboards are not synced to Master by default.


It is possible to lose content within a dashboard by syncing with Master. For example, if you have a Bottom section enabled, then sync with a Layout Master which doesn’t have a Bottom section, the widgets will be lost.