How To Opt In To React Widgets#

This page provides step-by-step instructions for opting in to React widgets from your project dashboard.

Default Settings#

By default, React widgets are disabled. Default Squirro dashboards use Backbone.js widgets.


You will require administrator access to your project to edit the Server space.

How to Opt In#

Follow the instructions below to opt in to React custom widgets:

  1. Click the Squirro Spaces icon in the navigation menu.

Squirro Spaces Navigation Icon
  1. Click Server.

Squirro Spaces Server Icon
  1. Click Configuration on the left sidebar navigation menu.

  2. Type the search query react in the search bar to display frontend.userapp.use-react-widgets (or scroll down the page to locate it).

  3. Hover over the item and click Edit.

Squirro Spaces Server Icon
  1. Check the box to enable custom React widgets on your project.

Squirro Spaces Server Icon