Squirro Connector#

This page describes how to connect to another Squirro instance, repository, or data lake using the pre-built Squirro connector.


You must have access to the project that you are importing from, and the following project information:

  • Project Cluster

  • Project API Token

  • Project ID

For more details on obtaining this information, see Connecting to Squirro.

How to Connect to Another Squirro Instance, Repository, or Data Lake#

  1. Open your Squirro project.

  2. Navigate to Setup → Data.

  3. Click Data Sources in the left menu.

  4. Click the plus icon in the upper-right-corner to create a new data source.

Adding a data source in the Squirro UI
  1. Click the Data Import tab.

Data import screen in Squirro UI
  1. Click Squirro (Import data from Squirro projects).

Data import screen in Squirro UI
  1. Enter a title for your new data source, then the Cluster, Token, and Project ID of the project you are importing from.

Warning: Remember to keep your tokens secret. Treat them like private passwords.

Editing data source in Squirro UI
  1. Follow the steps in the data loading process. When complete, you should see your new source on your Data Sources page as shown in the example image below:

Data sources in the Squirro UI