3.7.1 - Release Notes#

What’s New#

  • Added the project-level configuration option datasource.rerun.index.consider-all-project-items, which enables Rerun from Index. This considers all the items within the project instead of restricting it to the items that belong to the configured data sources of the pipeline workflows.


  • Added a migration script for the Community Items widget.

  • Sped up the query-processing workflow by delegating the loading model to the external NLP service if it’s available on the instance.

  • Created a conditional NLP step that executes depending on a specified condition (i.e. whether the service is healthy).

  • Added tooltips to Item Card widget actions.

Bug Fixes#

  • Only the source names of the items that will be rerun, and not all the sources from which items were considered, are now displayed in the rerun message.

  • Fixed language reset on the items when rerunning a step of a pipeline.

  • Items from Rerun from Index will contain all their facets in the keywords field, irrespective of their data type. Before they were found in kw_<data_type> keys, which required the pipelet (or any other step) to have logic to differentiate between items that came from a normal ingestion or a rerun.

  • Fixed an issue with the Item detail side panel loading indefinitely.

  • Now, the ocr_confidence facet is a float type (instead of a string type) when the pdf-ocr pipeline step is created or updated and the confidence option equals True. This corrects a validation error that previously appeared due ocr_confidence presenting as a string type.

  • Now, term-sequence rescoring on index-scrolling is no longer added. This avoids potentially invalid Elasticsearch query clauses.

  • Fixed an issue where dashboard searches weren’t cleared when the user switch dashboards if it was applied by the persistentLinks feature.

  • Removed unnecessary POST parameters in the bulk labeling GET request that would lead
    to the frontend API breaking.
  • Added an empty state image to the Community List widget.

  • Fixed an issue with the carousel indicator not showing up in global search.


The APIs and SDKs section was updated to include JavaScript SDK, the Squirro Toolbox, and Plugin Repository information.

The following sections were also added:

Breaking Changes#

There are no known breaking changes with this release.

Installation and Upgrade#

You will have to resolve at least the following config files when upgrading from Squirro 3.6.8.

  • /etc/squirro/common.ini

For new installations, please follow the Installing Squirro on Linux instructions.

To upgrade an existing installation, please consult Upgrading Squirro.