UI Search Features#

This section contains Squirro UI search features including the following:

Other People Ask#

Squirro logs and store project searches via Activity Monitoring. This stored information is used to provide typeahead suggestions to search end users in the form of Other People Ask suggestions.

This feature provides search suggestions that go beyond simple keyword matching and superficial similarity.

To learn more about Other People Ask, see Other People Ask.

For a step-by-step guide to adjusting this feature, see How to Use The Other People Ask Feature.

Query Syntax#

You can use query syntax within Squirro search bars to return better, more refined search results.

See Query Syntax for further details, or download the Advanced Query Syntax Cheat Sheet.

Question Answering#

This feature provides specific answers to search queries phrased as a question.

It does so by extracting answers as spans from contextual texts supplied together with the question.

Example typeahead search in browser

To learn more about Question Answering, see Question Answering.

For a step-by-step guide to adjusting this feature, see How To Use The Question Answering Feature.

Search Bar Chips#

When you enter a search query, Squirro automatically converts your query into chips to show you your query syntax.

Learn more about Search Bar Chips.


This feature provides spelling suggestions to search queries that the Spelling Correction Widget identifies as misspelled.

To learn more, see Spellchecking.


Squirro Cognitive Search offers a rich set of typeahead features. (External to Squirro, typeahead is sometimes referred to as predictive search, search as you type, incremental search, or real-time search suggestions.) )

Example typeahead search in browser

This includes typeahead based on document features such as content, labels, and communities, and based on user interactions such as saved searches, search history, and popular queries.

For more information on typeahead, see Typeahead Suggestions.