Built-In Data Connectors#

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Squirro offers multiple out-of-the-box options for connecting to internal and external data sources through the Squirro UI in your browser.

This page is directed at Project Creators with acess to their project’s Setup space.
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Accessing the UI Data Loader#

To access the data loader in the Squrro UI, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to your Squirro project.

  2. Click Setup in the Squirro Spaces Navigation menu in the top-right corner of the page.

  3. Click the Data tab. (Result: The Data Sources page will load.)

  4. Click the plus icon as shown in the screenshot below.

Data Sources Page in Squirro UI

The sections below detail the available data connectors.

Web Connectors#

RSS or Atom Feed#

You can subscribe to RSS or Atom web feeds by clicking Feed in the Web tab.

Web Data Connectors

Data Import and Manual Upload#

This section allows you to upload different data types by dragging or dropping or browsing local files.


CSV Connector

Import CSV rows as Squirro items. Learn more.

Loader Plugin

Data Loader Plugin Connector

Extend the Data Loader with custom data sources.

Excel Connector

Import Excel rows as Squirro items. Learn more.


JSON Connector

Import data from JSON files.

Python SDK

Python SDK Connector

Import data through the Python SDK.

Squirro Connector

Share data between projects. Learn more.

Activity Log Connector

Crawl all, or part of, a website based on url. Learn more.

Zip Connector

Import common office file types. Learn more.

Enterprise Data Connectors#

Squirro allows you to connect to a wide range of enterprise data sources out of the box. Set up as 1-Click Connectors, Squirro allows you to quickly integrate with these sources using an industry-standard OAuth2 setup.

Click a logo below to view its associated 1-click connector set up guide:

Confluence 1-Click Connector
Jira 1-Click Connector
Dropbox 1-Click Connector
Google Drive 1-Click Connector
Google Gmail 1-Click Connector
Microsoft Exchange 1-Click Connector
Microsoft One Drive 1-Click Connector
Microsoft Sharepoint 1-Click Connector
Salesforce Sales Cloud 1-Click Connector
Salesforce Service Cloud 1-Click Connector

SQL Connector#

SQL databases are important data sources, often containing large amounts of data. Squirro provides the SQL Connector shown below, which is accessed on the Enterprise tab of the Add Data page.

Web Data Connectors

This connector allows you to access multiple types of SQL databases, including the following:

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • Oracle

  • SQLite

  • Sybase

  • Firebird

  • RAW Labs

Figma Connector#

A Figma Connector is available out-of-the-box under the Enterprise tab, but requires configuration before use.

Contact Squirro Support for help.