Processing Errors#

Some steps in the pipeline may abort with an error. In those cases, the item is tagged with a Processing Error keyword. The table below lists all the processing error codes.

Processing Error




Content Extraction

Unsupported MIME type. The MIME type of the document is not supported, so no textual information can be extracted from the document.


Content Augmentation

Unable to fetch content. The content of the item’s link could not be fetched as part of the content augmentation.


Content Extraction

Unable to convert content. This is used as the generic fallback error when an unknown error happened.


Content Extraction

Unable to parse content. The file was parsed, but did not return any content. This is usually due to a corrupt file.


Content Extraction

Unable to convert content, document too large. Larger documents can be supported by raising the memory limit of the content conversion step.


Content Extraction

Unable to convert content, decryption error. This usually happens with encrypted PDF documents, which can not be parsed.