Flushing Caches#

Squirro uses caches to speed up common actions, such as queries. This section shows how to flush these caches when necessary.


In rare circumstances, the Squirro caches may become stale. If this occurs, contact Squirro Support for resolution.


There are two different caches managed in Redis. They are stored in different databases (see Accessing Servers for background):

  • db7: the query cache, which stores the full query responses. Updating this cache can be disabled by using the update_cache option in the item query API call.

  • db9: the generic HTTP cache which is used to cache internal calls to the various internal web services.

Flush Cache (Squirro 2.4.6 and Newer)#

To flush the caches, restart redis-server-cache:

systemctl restart redis-server-cache