Dashboard Types#

Three specialty dashboards are available in the Squirro UI.

The first is Layout Master Dashboard, which is a templating dashboard used in the Dashboard Editor to set universal section and theme styling for other dashboards that sync with it.

Example Dashboard Editor

The Global Search Dashboard, Explore Dashboard, and Community 360 Dashboard are specialty dashboard designations that can be applied to dashboards to “promote” them within the UI.

When a dashboard is promoted to Global Search, it serves as the dashboard that delivers search results from any user search in the Global Search bar.

When a dashboard is promoted to Community 360, it becomes the template dashboard for different community types, meaning that when you click on any given community, you are taken to results about that community populated within the Community 360 dashboard template.


You cannot promote a dashboard to Community 360 without a Global Search first existing. The Community 360 dashboard is dependent on the Global Search dashboard.

Reference: To learn more about the Global Search dashboard, see Global Search Dashboard.

Reference: To learn more about the Community 360 dashboard, see Community 360 Dashboard.