Squirro Toolbox#

The Squirro Toolbox provides many command line interface (CLI) utilities that are useful in working with Squirro.


The Toolbox can be installed into a Python environment on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, or Linux.

For installation instructions, see Install In a Python Environment.


Squirro does not support Python 3.10 or later.

Tip: The installation documents for the individual platforms also contain instructions on how to use the toolbox.


  • Bulk Exporter — The bulk exporter can extract the content of a Squirro project and export it to a CSV file.

  • Bulk Scorer - This utility is used as part of the QlikView integration.

  • Data Loader CLI Tool — This tool is used to load data from multiple sources into Squirro. If you would like to watch any of our detailed video tutorials on data loading and on how to develop data loader plugins, you can jump over to learn.squirro.com.

Note: The Data Loader is included in the Toolbox, which is available in the Downloads space.

Listed below are links to documentation that supports the Data Loader:

  • KEE CLI Tool - Using the KEE CLI tool, you can set up and deploy Known Entity Extraction to a Squirro Project.

  • squirro_asset CLI Reference — The squirro_asset tool can be used to manage all Squirro code artifacts called custom assets. Assets are Pipelets, Custom Widgets, and Custom Dashboard Loaders.

  • squirro_widget Command Line Reference - This is used to upload and list custom widgets consistently with other types of custom code “assets”.

Differences Between MacOS / Linux / Windows#

To understand the differences between operating systems, see Toolbox Differences Between macOS / Linux / Windows.