APIs and SDKs#

This page provides an overview of the tools and software development kits (SDKs) you can use to develop on the Squirro platform and the Squirro APIs providing access to all services and entities of Squirro.

Squirro Client#

See SquirroClient (Python SDK) for information about the Python SDK that grants access to all Squirro APIs. You can also build custom integrations with external dashboards or the Squirro Studio plugin.

Reference: For a complete list of API mixin classes, see APIs by Topic.

Squirro Toolbox#

The Squirro Toolbox provides many command line interface (CLI) utilities that are useful in working with Squirro.

See Squirro Toolbox for more details, or download a copy from the Downloads section (license required).

JavaScript SDK#

Squirro’s JavaScript SDK allows you to integrate Squirro into any web-enabled framework and embed Squirro into dashboards both in desktop and mobile environments.

For more information, see JavaScript SDK.

Plugin Repository#

Plugins provided by Squirro that are not installed out of the box can be accessed and installed through the Plugin Repository.

See Plugin Repository for information on installing, managing, and deleting plugins.

Item Format#

An item is a piece of information that is consumed through the Squirro platform. When data is ingested into Squirro, the Data Processing Pipeline transforms a record from a data source to a Squirro item and writes it into the index.

Squirro items are represented in JSON format.

To learn more, see Item Format.


All Squirro API resources are protected and authentication credentials for HTTP authentication (using the Authorization header) are mandatory.

To learn more about API authentication, see Authentication.

Common Status Codes#

For a list of common response status codes, see Common Status Codes.

Common Headers#

For a list of common Request Headers that the Squirro web services use, see Common Headers.

Data Modeling#

See Data Modeling for information on using keywords to add structured and semi-structured information to Squirro Items.

To learn about detecting catalysts of significant events, see Catalyst Data Model.