How to Launch a Test Drive#

This page explains how to launch an application Test Drive, which is a quick and easy way to preview an application in a live environment.

A Test Drive is a great way to get a feel for an application before you decide to install it.


Test Drives are currently available for SquirroGPT Data and SquirroGPT Web applications.

Different Ways to Access Squirro Cloud Applications#

There are three primary ways to access a Squirro cloud application:

  1. Take a Test Drive, as described on this page.

  2. Open a Demo, as described in How to Access a Squirro Online Demo.

  3. Install an application, as described in How to Install A Squirro Application.

How to Launch a Test Drive#

To test drive a Squirro application, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to with your Squirro ID.

Reference: To learn how to register for a Squirro ID, see How to Register for a Squirro ID.

  1. Select an application that supports the Test Drive feature.

Selecting an Application from the Squirro App Marketplace
  1. Click Test Drive.

Install or select a Test Drive screen
  1. Click the instance link provided after the application has been deployed.

Test drive instance