3.4.0 Release Notes#


  • Project pictures (only Backend component)

    • Add backend support for project picture

    • Display option for Export/Import of the project picture

    • Created possibility to upload project photos to the store

    • Import/Export of project picture.

  • Allow publishing an ML workflow directly to the ingestion pipeline using the Squirro client.

  • Rework AI Studio rule adding and editing

  • Setup storybook for all React components that we currently have.

  • Added react translations with format.js

  • Introduction of endpoint to inference multiple published models in one api call

Bug Fixes#

  • On unstable the migration broke due to this bug, manually fixed at unstable by running the corrected migration scripts.

  • Fix model publishing from fe.

  • Transformer dependency fix, transformer silently falls back to tensorflow in the absence of torch.

  • stabilization of frontend api calls in ai studio labeling process

  • Validate redirect URLs on SAML authentication callback. This is a security improvement to ensure the external authentication system does not serve as an open redirect relay.

  • Passed 409 status code instead of 500 when deleting the ML workflow which is in use

  • if no project picture found

  • Build is breaking because node version in the container is 14.0.0 and jest requires higher version. Updating this to reflect that.

  • Fixing TS errors, mostly related to the theme. Moving cards widget under the widgets folder.

  • Fix issue where scheduled data sources were invoked multiple times per run, resulting in multiple identical batches in inputstream.

  • Fix Sharepoint data connector

Breaking Changes#

  • Validation of the SAML redirect URLs could break login flows if the hostname setup has not been done correctly. Before upgrading, check that the SAML configuration reflects the correct hostname. After upgrading, ensure the redirects still work, and if they don’t, edit the SAML configuration to update the host name.

  • The API of the MLPublishMixin.ml_publish_model and MLPublishMixin.modify_published_model has changed.

Known Issues#

  • Bar Chart and Line Chart widgets are not working

Installation and Upgrade#

You will have to resolve at least the following config files when upgrading from Squirro 3.3.0

  • /etc/nginx/conf.d/ssl.inc

  • /etc/squirro/common.ini

For new installations, please follow the Installing Squirro on Linux instructions.

To upgrade an existing installation, please consult Upgrading Squirro.