Getting Started with React#

This page introduces React and provides links to third-party resources for learning more about it.

What is React?#

React is a free, open-source JavaScript library.

Using it, you can build complex UIs from individual pieces of code called components.

For a comprehensive introduction to React, see the official Intro to React Tutorial.

Where Squirro Uses React#

Squirro uses React to develop widgets within Squirro Dashboards.

You can customize your project and extend the functionalities of your dashboards by developing custom React widget.

Traditionally, a frontend developer is the Squirro Profile that creates and customizes React widgets.

Third-Party React Resources#

This section provides links to resources that can help you better understand React.

Concepts you should be familiar with include:

  • Components

  • Props

  • JSX

  • Context

  • Hooks

Caution: Note that Squirro does not use class-based React. When reading the following resources, focus on functional React.

Third-Party References:#