User Interface#

The section provides an overview of the Squirro User Interface and common pages you’ll encounter using Squirro.


The UI Overview provides details on logging into Squirro, selecting an application or online demo, and accessing your instances via the Cluster page.

Connecting to Squirro#

To learn more about connecting to Squirro via API, see Connecting to Squirro.


Squirro Spaces provides an overview of the spaces (Dashboards, Setup, and Server) that are the pillars of every Squirro project.

Project Browser#

The Project Browser provides an overview of the main UI project navigation tool for Squirro.

Squirro Monitoring#

See the Squirro Monitoring Page for information about the Squirro Monitoring and how you can use it to monitor user and data ingestion activity throughout your Squirro instance.


Squirro Studio is the overall name for the functionalities used by project creators to develop Squirro projects.

To learn more, see Studio.

Reference Screen#

The Reference Screen is a split screen view of two documents side-by-side that helps the user identify entities in one document and retrieve relevant information about that entity in a second (reference) document.

For more information, see Reference Screen.

App and Nav Bar Styling#

Squirro offers an intuitive interface for customizing the look and feel of your Squirro instance. See App and Nav Bar Styling for details.


To learn how to add, edit, delete, and apply themes, see Themes.

Note Taking#

Squirro’s Note Taking feature allows users to bookmark Squirro items at the document level and make sentence-level notes within documents.

See Note Taking for more information.