SquirroClient Setup Class#

Instantiation and authorization of the Squirro Client.

class SquirroClient(client_id, client_secret, **kwargs)#

Client to access the Squirro API.

  • client_id – The client id for accessing the API.

  • client_secret – The client secret for accessing the API.

  • cluster – The cluster endpoint for accessing the API.

  • user_api_url – Endpoint URL for the user API service.

  • topic_api_url – Endpoint URL for the topic API service.

  • tenant – Tenant domain.

  • version – API version to use, defaults to ‘v0’.

  • requestsrequests instance for HTTP calls.

  • retry_total – Total number of retries to allow. Takes precedence over other counts.

  • retry_connect – How many connection-related errors to retry on.

  • retry_read – How many times to retry on read errors.

  • retry_redirect – How many redirects to perform.

  • retry_method_whitelist – Set of uppercase HTTP method verbs that we should retry on.

  • retry_status_forcelist – A set of integer HTTP status codes that we should force a retry on.

  • retry_backoff_factor – A backoff factor to apply between attempts.

  • timeout_secs – How many seconds to wait for data before giving up (default 55).


>>> from squirro_client import SquirroClient
>>> client = SquirroClient('client_id', 'client_secret')
>>> client = SquirroClient(None, None,
...                        cluster='http://squirro.example.com')
>>> client = SquirroClient(None, None,
...                        cluster='http://squirro.example.com',
...                        retry_total=10)
property access_token#

Property to get or set the access token of the client.

property refresh_token#

Property to get or set the refresh token of the client.

authenticate(tenant=None, access_token=None, refresh_token=None, auth_service=None, auth_user=None, username=None, password=None, user_information=None)#

Authenticate with the Squirro platform by either using access and refresh tokens, username and password, or external service name and user identifier.

  • tenant – The tenant for accessing the Squirro platform.

  • access_token – User access token.

  • refresh_token – User refresh token.

  • auth_service – External authentication service name.

  • auth_user – External authentication user identifier.

  • username – User name.

  • password – User password.

  • user_information – Additional information about the user for internal use.


squirro_client.exceptions.AuthenticationError if authentication fails.


>>> client.authenticate(username='[email protected]',
...                     password='test')
>>> client.authenticate(access_token='token01',
...                     refresh_token='token02')
>>> client.authenticate(auth_service='salesforce',
...                     auth_user='sfdc01')