SquirroClient (Python SDK)#

You can use the SquirroClient Python SDK to interact with all Squirro APIs.

Tip: For a quick start, see the SquirroClient Tutorial.

SquirroClient Setup Class#

See the SquirroClient Setup Class for information on the squirro_client.SquirroClient API class for instantiation and authorization of the Squirro Client.

User Management#

For information on APIs dealing with user permissions, see User Management. This includes the following permissions:

  • Users

  • Groups

  • Project members

  • Grants

  • Passwords

APIs by Topic#

See APIs by Topic for a list of all APIs sorted by mixin class.

These mixin classes encapsulate the functionality of the object API service.

DocumentUploader and ItemUploader Classes#

The data loader and associated data loader plugins are Squirro’s most popular options for document and item uploading.

However, you can also use the squirro_client.document_uploader.DocumentUploader and squirro_client.item_uploader.ItemUploader classes, as described on the following pages: