3.6.3 - Release Notes#


  • [Search] Introduced Scoring Profile Execution Stages; query: Apply profiles on all matching items vs. rescore: rescore only top N ranked items (useful to apply more expensive operations on a smaller, most relevant subset)

  • [Search] Spellchecking Improvement:

    • Add full support for multilingual spell-checking (only works for languages that are actually used within a project aka having documents loaded)

    • Perform spellchecking only on User’s input-terms and not on other Query Syntax components (filters, comparisons etc)

  • [Search] Forward query context to query activity log

  • Allow disabling old file removal in pdfconversion.

  • [Search] Introduced query classifier step that infers the type of the provided query. It detects whether the query is written in natural language form.

    • QA is then only performed on queries in natural language form

  • [Spellcheck widget] Make spellcheck suggestion application case insensitive

  • Updated libNLP documentation for step classes analyzer, classifier, debugger, embedder.

  • At the moment, we configure the number of community and community items in a newsletter in a config file. In a future release, it will be possible for a user to configure it in the UI. We ship the API for this in the current release.

  • We expose the functionality to automatically subscribe users to all the Accounts they own. An owner is responsible for an account and should always monitor assigned accounts automatically. Since the subscription is a continuous process, the auto-subscription also works continuously alongside community updates as new accounts might frequently be ingested as communities.

  • Add user_id as a parameter to the community subscription API which allows a user to subscribe others to different communities.

  • New Squirro Monitoring projects, except of activity tracking data, will now include data ingestion and ML monitoring data.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix Input labels not being initialised when using the JavaScript SDK.

  • Fixed Reset Filter Widget removing all selections when clicking on the remove single selection.

  • Fix selection filter condition for multiselect filters

  • Fix removal of double parenthesis at the end of facet value

  • PDF Highlighting could skip highlighting longer phrases in favour of shorter ones, if both match the search

  • Fixes wrong highlight on labels when Filter dashboard by labels is enabled

  • Fix a bug where query highlighting does not work inside salesforce.

  • Fix extra trailing parenthesis issue

  • Community headlines: Multiline title is cut off

  • Fix extra spacing before labels when checkboxes are hidden

  • Fixes colors for the item details additional actions

  • Don’t create communities aggregation if user is not subscribing to any communities.

  • Fix query_context not being reset when navigating away

  • Improve space between icons in react search bar.

  • Fixes a bug with text selection range and headlines widget not rendering in salesforce.

  • Added a fetch –depth 1 origin “$GIT_COMMIT” step in script in order to work on the desired commit after shallow checkout.

  • Force Tabs widget rows to be single lines.

  • Fixes a bug where explore screen PDF document is overlaid by buttons.

  • Fix a bug preventing filters from being applied from Tabs widget.

  • Sort following communities alphabetically.

  • Not all checkboxes are checked in keywords list

  • Fix a bug where the item detail in full screen mode shows double loaders.

  • Reverted changes to the platform_checkout.sh script which caused branches to diverge

  • Fix duplicated query parse request in global search

Breaking Changes#

  • Update tensorflow to 2.8.2 and its related dependencies

  • re-add aggregate filter (for integration tests)

  • spellcheck parameter in the /items/query endpoint accepts (whether to check the spelling of the provided query) boolean value instead of dictionary value.

Installation and Upgrade#

You will have to resolve at least the following config files when upgrading from Squirro 3.3.0

  • /etc/nginx/conf.d/ssl.inc

  • /etc/squirro/common.ini

For new installations, please follow the Installing Squirro on Linux instructions.

To upgrade an existing installation, please consult Upgrading Squirro.