Enabling and Disabling UI User Management#

Squirro offers the option of managing permissions via inherited third-party Single Sign-on (SSO) settings, or managing users via the management functionality in the user interface (UI), found in Server → Users.

With SSO enabled, users should not be manually managed on a Squirro instance, as the identity provider handles user provisioning instead. To prevent user editing in the user interface, Squirro offers a corresponding setting, found in Server -> Users.

Follow the steps below to enable or disable the UI user management functionality:

  1. Log in to your Squirro installation as a server administrator.

  2. Navigate to the Server space.

  3. Click Configuration in the left menu.

  4. Search for SSO; the results list should include frontend.userapp.sso-disable-user-edit.

  5. Hover over frontend.userapp.sso-disable-user-edit and click Edit.

  6. Check or uncheck the box as desired, then click the checkmark button to save.

Squirro SSO Default Enablement

Warning: Disabling SSO SAML on Squirro Self-Service instances for permission management is not recommended as it will prevent some administrative tasks from working well. If you would like to replace authentication on Self-Service instances with your own identity provider, contact Squirro Support.