Custom Widgets#

Squirro offers you the ability to create unique visual experiences and extend Squirro dashboards using custom widgets.

You can build your own custom widget by using an existing Squirro widget as a base template and then modifying it, or you can build your own custom widget from scratch using React.

Note: To build your own custom widgets, you will need a basic understanding of JavaScript and the React framework.


Squirro is currently in the progress of migrating all widgets from Backbone to React frameworks. It is strongly encouraged that you develop new custom widgets using React.

How to Create a Custom Widget#

For a how-to guide for creating custom widgets that covers both Backbone and React custom widgets, see How to Create a Squirro Custom Widget.

React Custom Widgets#

React widgets are the preferred method for creating custom widgets. React widgets are built using the JavaScript React framework.

See React Custom Widgets for details on React libraries, hooks, how-to guides, and an introduction to Squirro Storybook.

Backbone Custom Widgets#

Squirro widgets were originally developed using the Backbone framework. Backbone widgets are still supported, but are being phased out in favor of React widgets.

See Backbone Custom Widgets for Backbone widget documentation.