Reset Project#

The Reset Project function in the Studio is used to quickly reset a project.

This is typically used when working on project enrichments and facets. The main use areas as follows:

  • Remove all dashboards: Removes all existing dashboards. Then, creates a new, empty Default Dashboard.

  • Delete all items in the index: This is useful when trying out new loading strategies and enrichments. This way you can be sure that all the data you see has been processed already, and isn’t a remnant from a previous index run.

  • Delete all label definitions: As labels can’t be removed and their data type can’t be changed, you may need to reset the project labels to have a cleaner labels list. This should be done carefully, because the data is also removed for this.

Reference: For more information on managing labels, see Labels.


In the Load` tab open Reset Project. Select one or more of the provided options.

To recover labels and data, the next step is usually either to import a project or run the data loader again.

Behind the Scenes#

Deleting the data is achieved by deleting the underlying Elasticsearch index. The data sources remain intact.

To remove labels, the index also has to be removed. When this happens, all label definitions are purged from the project metadata.