Squirro Glossary#

This glossary explains Squirro specific terminology, that is used in Squirro’s documentation. Please also see the Glossary of Industry Terms for more general terminology explained.


Known Entity Extraction, commonly abbreviated as KEE, is Squirro’s technology to enrich unstructured data by linking it to structured information such as company names or products. Learn more at Known Entity Extraction.


A pipelet is a Squirro-specific term for a custom plugin used in a Squirro pipeline. Pipelets are written in Python and can be used to enrich data, classify data, or perform other custom tasks. Learn more at Pipelets.


libNLP is a Squirro-specific term for the Natural Language Processing library used in Squirro. Learn more at libNLP.

AI Studio#

AI Studio is Squirro’s no-code AI platform. It allows users to train and deploy AI models without writing any code. Learn more at AI Studio.