App and Nav Bar Styling#

In App and Nav Bar settings under the Setup space you can quickly customize Squirro to match a corporate brand.

You can modify many different parts of the UI to create a customized feel.


Custom Colors#

Custom colors can be defined using standard CSS color options, either as hex code, HTML color name, RGB or RGBA values.

Enable Compact Items#

This option reduces the footprint of the header icons. This change is only visible on the Dashboard Space.

The Avatar circle is generated using the first initial of the first two names from the account settings:

My Account > Profile > Your Username

Avatar examples:

  • John Doe will become JD.

  • John will become J.

  • John Josh Doe will become JJ.

  • If no username is set you will see a default Squirro acorn instead.


Enable Compact Nav Bar#

This option will allow the dashboard tabs to use the space in the middle of the header if there is enough room.

When there is not enough space available, the nav bar falls back to the normal mode.

This change is only visible on the Dashboard Space.