System Requirements#

Squirro combines structured and unstructured data to provide the Why behind the data, turning disparate data points into a story.

Squirro delivers a personalized, real-time contextual stream naturally integrated into an enterprise application. The power of Squirro derives from its proprietary Smart Filter technology that connects personal interests and workflows while learning and refining as user interactions increase.

This document describes the system requirements for running the Squirro virtual appliance on-premise in a development or proof of concept (PoC) environment.

Server System Requirements#


The sizing of the system depends on the data size and the number of clients. For detailed hardware sizing based on data size and usage contact Squirro Support.

Minimum Requirements#

For a minimum installation (e.g. during a PoC) we recommend the following system:


Intel Core i5 with 4 cores (x86) or higher, with AVX2 extensions.


16 GB or higher


100 GB or higher in space, and 100MB p/sec in speed


Squirro is a Linux-based solution. Packages are provided for Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® and its open-source derivative CentOS Linux.

The following versions are supported:

  • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® (RHEL) 7 and 8

  • CentOS 7

  • Rocky Linux 8

Note: Squirro does not support CentOS Stream.


Squirro assumes the following requirements are met by default. If you can not fulfill these requirements, please contact Squirro support.

  • Yum enabled to install packages from the default distribution repository (implying an activated Red Hat license for RHEL installations)

  • Internet access to download additional packages from the Squirro Yum repository

Client Requirements#

Squirro is accessed through a web browser. The following products and versions are supported:



Microsoft Edge

Latest version

Google Chrome

Latest version

Mozilla Firefox

Latest version

Apple Safari

Latest version

Note: Squirro does not officially support older browser versions, as they are updated through a continuous and automatic update process.