How to Install A Squirro Application#

This page explains how to open a Squirro application from the Squirro Marketplace.


Some Squirro applications are Installable and some are Online demos. This page discusses installable applications. To access a demo, see How to Access a Squirro Online Demo.


To install a Squirro application, you’ll need a Squirro ID.

If you don’t have one yet, see How to Register for a Squirro ID.

Step-by-Step Instructions#

Follow the steps below to open a Squirro online demo:

  1. Navigate to

  2. Click the tile for the application you’d like to install. (Look for the Installable label to find installable applications.)

Start.Squirro.Com App Marketplace
  1. Click Install App.

Install App Screen
  1. Select the instance you’d like to install the application on and click Continue with Selection or click Add a new instance to create a new instance the application will be added to.

Add Instance Screen
  1. Click Send Form to submit your information and install your new application.


If you encounter any issues installing an application, contact Squirro Support for help.