How to Set Up Communities Using KEE#

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This guide explains how you can set up communities based on a Known Entity Extraction (KEE). It is useful for cases where more communities (for example companies or clients) are added over time.

For example, in a living CRM, where accounts are regularly created and you would like to tag items with those new client names and subsequently create a community.

Project Creators are responsible for configuring KEEs and setting up communities.

KEE First vs Community First#

The approach described on this page differs from the case where a KEE is set up when creating a community type (see Communities Tutorial). In this guide, we want to create communities based on keywords that originate from the tagging of an (existing) KEE.

The essential requirement is that the label selected to map the communities is the same as the label the item gets tagged with through the KEE.

Sample Data#

To replicate the steps described in this guide, you can create a new project and load the following sample data:

NYT Sample Data

Create the KEE#

You can use the label company_name for this example.

In your project, create the KEE (see the KEE documentation for details).

Ensure you assign the keyword (company_name in this example) with which the items will be tagged.

The screenshot below shows an example configuration that uses the company data provided in the following file: Company List CSV.


Include the created KEE Company (NASDAQ) in the active pipeline.

You need to rerun the KEE step to tag existing data with the keywords defined in the KEE configuration.

Create the Community#

Now that you have set up and rerun the KEE, tagging project items with labels, navigate to the community settings under Setup > Data > Communities and follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new community by clicking the orange plus icon.

  2. Give the community a name (e.g., Company) and select an associated label (company_name in this example) which matches with the KEE.

  3. Select the option Fetch label values.

The label values for the selected label are now fetched, and a community is created for each value.

You can check and visualize the created communities using the widgets documented in Visualizing Communities.

Change the KEE#

To check how new communities are created if more items are tagged with keywords through the KEE, you can change the configuration of the KEE and rerun it on the items. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Change the Minimum score for matches value to 0.4.

  2. In the pipeline workflow, rerun the Company (NASDAQ) KEE.

The items will then be tagged with the defined keywords according to the new KEE configuration.

Reminder: For the communities to show up in your dashboard, you will have to wait for auto-synchronization to pull (default is every 30 mins) the label values and map them to communities.