3.4.4 Release Notes#


  • LibNLP: Query Processing Pipeline: First iteration of semantic-term-expansion (dynamic synonym expansion)

  • Improved distribution of typeahead suggestions across all suggesters

  • Created plugin for project namespace in the configuration service

  • Removed the option from the studio plugin to specify whether project config values should be import/export.

  • Exposed project config interpolation

  • libNLP: Added Query-Processing example workflow to boost/filter terms within a user’s query

  • Added the ability to configure the facet containing the account name for the Insights Generator pipelet.

  • Enabled new project configuration

  • use Tika Server instead of inprocess Tika JVM

  • Handled project namespace for the configuration service in the squirro client

  • added config option which if enabled will load available react version of widgets

  • Handled new project configuration in the KEE plugin

  • Created project namespace for the configuration service

  • Applied user-scope for saved queries. Returns saved queries only from the user who saved them.

  • Changed Activity-Plugin’s incremental loading behaviour (state internally managed). This allows to use the plugin as a 1-click-connector and have incremental-loading working out-of-the-box, no manual configuration needed.

  • libNLP: Added Sentiment-Term-Normalizer; Extend VaderSentiment-Algorithm to extract positive&negative phrases from text (English only).

  • Removed the option from the squirro client to specify whether project config values should be import/export (obsolete because config-service’s project-namespace is used)

  • Updating the style of the dashboard edit

  • Deleted old project configuration plugin from the studio.

  • libNLP: Added SpacyNormalizer step to get cross-lingual POS, NER, Lemmatization, DependencyParsing etc. as an encapsulated step. Pipe text-content through configured spacy pipeline and forward the analysed spacy-document as an additional nlp field.

  • Exposed project config interpolation in the squirro client

  • Initial version of Query Processing Pipeline based on ML-Workflows

  • 1st iteration of auto labeling process including inverse tf-idf stopwording, word2vec similarity + n-gram based topic generation

  • Moved popular query scope setting to the configuration service

  • Rerun from index now supports specifying a query (expressed in Query Syntax). Only the items returned by this query will be rerun.

  • Replaced old project configuration with the new configuration service in datasource service and pipelet lib.

  • Disabled facet name suggestions when the query is empty

  • Handled importing and exporting for the new project config

  • added query field to rerun step modal.

  • Restore old order

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed saved queries suggestions on the backend site

  • Fix PDF load race condition breaking the toolbar

  • Pass error of a request to the UI

  • Widget after removal seems to trigger change event and rerender the next widget 2 times

  • Fix scrollto in item detail

  • Add max height to chip

  • Fix the –parallel-uploaders option of squirro_data_load when used to upload items in row format.

  • ExtLinks are missing from PropertyInsightTypes

  • Fix gray color on edit buttons in Dashboard Loaders

  • Assure global_id is 22 characters length

  • Fix small overlay bug

  • Fixed invalid import path in the machine learning service tests

  • Fix a link color and a translation

  • Fixing text spreading out of the container

  • block negative proximity values for proximity filters in AI Studio

  • Fix sometimes-cant-scroll-to in pdfs

  • Modal step rerun improvements and bugfixes

  • In the cards component after loading it seems to load next items without the user scrolling

  • Tags editing style is broken and outdated

  • fixed container sizing issues for rules labeling

  • navigate back to prev page after saving dashboard instead of settings page

  • When link is null, the item is adding a link of the page/item

  • Improvement: Do not use nlp-tagger’s extracted topic-list for typeahead completion.

  • Do not group consecutive ML model steps into one when the machinelearning.optimize-workflows option is set to false.

  • Pass error of a request to the UI

Breaking Changes#

  • Deleted old project configuration plugin from assets. It means that old plugin cannot be used any more. Instead, a new plugin using configuration service has been introduced.

Installation and Upgrade#

You will have to resolve at least the following config files when upgrading from Squirro 3.3.0

  • /etc/nginx/conf.d/ssl.inc

  • /etc/squirro/common.ini

For new installations, please follow the Installing Squirro on Linux instructions.

To upgrade an existing installation, please consult Upgrading Squirro.