3.9.3 Release Notes#

Squirro 3.9.3 was released on December 11, 2023.

Reference: Learn more about the Squirro Release Process.

What’s New#

  • Squirro now supports license keys for easier provisioning and updating of Squirro features and metrics.

  • Added a mechanism to the ingester service to restart the local Apache Tika service in case of internal server errors. This mechanism is controlled by the server config option ingester.tika.restart-on-error-*.

  • You can now change boolean operator chip values (AND, OR, NOT) by clicking on them and selecting from the dropdown.

Boolean selection options in search bar chips
  • In the Tabs widget, the communityPopulated property was replaced with a new “Control By Community” option in the UI.

Control by Communities in Tabs Widget


  • Exporting a matrix chart in the AI studio model validation will now have the title Confusion Matrix.

  • Improved dashboard loading performance. Sections will now lazy load based on visibility.

  • Deleting or modifying a parent item now reflects changes in the corresponding paragraphs.

  • Removed the reset zoom button from the timeline chart.

  • Add an option to autoexpand and hide accordion layer controls.

  • Added paragraphs locator and index to existing projects, allowing the use of semantic search.

  • Now, custom empty status for widgets can be HTML-based.

  • Updated the design of the Facets widget.

  • Improved search bar chips hover and focus styling.

  • The text highlight color from project settings is now also used for entity highlighting.

  • Removed the avatar option for the Cards widget and improved sources fetching.

Bug Fixes#

  • Reduced occurrences of Unable to convert content errors in item bodies resulting from internal server errors in Apache Tika.

  • Ensured pipeline navigation sits below the project selection navigation.

  • Fixed an issue with dashboards when there was nothing to serialize in the URL.

  • Fixed an issue with persisting column widths in the Items table edit mode.

  • Prevented a problem with reordering to negative indices in the pipeline workflow editor.

  • Fixed an issue with global search queries not clearing when navigating to the Setup space.

  • Fixed issues with the display of tabs in accordion mode in both React and Backbone.

  • Fixed an issue where global search query context was being applied to reference items in ItemDetail, creating incorrect results.

  • Fixed an issue with Community Item breaking on the next document from inside the Items details.

  • Users can now navigate to Global Search as the first dashboard as long as it’s visible.

  • Fixed the reset password workflow.

Breaking Changes#

There are no known breaking changes in this release.

Installation and Upgrade#

For new installations, find step-by-step instructions in Install and Manage Squirro with Ansible (recommended) or Installing Squirro on Linux.

To upgrade an existing installation, see Upgrading Squirro.