How to Use The Other People Ask Feature#

Getting Started#

Setting up “Other People Ask” for a project is easy.

First, make sure that your Squirro installation is running a Version (> 3.5.7) that supports the “Other People Ask” functionality. You may also check in the configuration section of a project if you can locate the configuration key If is available, “Other People Ask” is enabled and ready.

The “Other People Ask” Widget#

The “Other People Ask” Widget is the UI component that displays the suggested queries.


Manual Setup#

To make “Other People Ask” available for a project that was not automatically configured, you have to enable the feature by following the steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Project Configuration.

  2. Change the option by clicking Edit.

  3. Check the checkbox.

In addition to that you have to add the the “Other People Ask” widget to a project’s dashboard. This can be done with the help of the Dashboard editor.


Using “Other People Ask” via SquirroClient#

The “Other People Ask” functionality can also be accessed programmatically via the SquirroClient (Python SDK). For this see SmartAnswersMixin, specifically get_similar_searches().

Advanced Configuration#

To learn more about advanced configuration, see Other People Ask.