How to Use The Other People Ask Feature#

Profiles: Project Creator

This page describes how to configure the Other People Ask feature.

It is intended for project creators who can both configure feature settings and deploy the feature using Dashboards.

Reference: For information on the feature generally, see Other People Ask.

The “Other People Ask” Widget#

The “Other People Ask” Widget is the UI component that displays the suggested queries.


Manual Setup#

To make Other People Ask available for a project that was not automatically configured, you must enable the feature by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Project Configuration.

  2. Hover over the option and click Edit.

  3. Enable the checkbox.

In addition, you must add the Other People Ask widget to a project’s dashboard. This can be done with the help of the Dashboard Editor.


Using “Other People Ask” via SquirroClient#

The Other People Ask functionality can also be accessed programmatically via the SquirroClient (Python SDK).

For more information, see SmartAnswersMixin, specifically get_similar_searches().

Advanced Configuration#

To learn more about advanced configuration, see Other People Ask Configuration Reference.