Community Auto-Subscription#

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This page describes the community auto-subscription feature and how it can be configured by project creators within the Sales Insights application.

This feature is Squirro Sales Insights feature designed for integration with CRMs. It is not designed for Cognitive Search projects.


It is possible to configure auto-subscription within any project type with a structured relationship between the owner and community within items. For help structuring this if you are not using Sales Insights, contact Squirro Support.


Squirro offers the ability to automatically subscribe users to specific communities within Sales Insights. This allows you to automatically follow the communities you own or manage rather than having to subscribe manually.

In the context of Sales Insights, Squirro defines an owner as a user responsible for an account.

An account is conceptualized as a community in a Squirro project. If this relationship is ingested into Squirro, you can monitor assigned accounts automatically. The auto-subscription works continuously, so you’ll automatically follow newly ingested accounts as they’re added.

Configuring Auto-Subscription#

To configure Community Auto-Subscription, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Squirro Sales Insights project.

  2. Navigate to Setup → Settings.

  3. Click Project Configuration from the left menu.

  4. Locate as shown in the screen clip below:

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Configuration Values#

The configuration is stored in the key, which expects a dictionary containing certain fields as its value.

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The config value expects four fields:

  • account_owner_identifier_facet

  • filter_query

  • community_type_facet

  • user_identifier_key


Contains information about an owner in the Squirro data schema. The default is set to owner, since, in Sales Insights, the owner information is stored in the owner label.


Query used to filter the data down to items that contain both the owner and the account fields. The default is set to item_type:Account.


Contains the communities that the user will auto-subscribe to. The default is set to account_name, since, in Sales Insights, all the company-based communities are stored in a community type based on the account_name label.


Field used to uniquely identify a user in the database that also maps to the account_owner_identifier_facet value. Typical choices would be name or email address. The default is set to full_name, since the account_owner_identifier_facet is set to owner which contains the full name of the user.

Once the configuration is set, the auto-subscription process runs automatically each time new communities are added.